Starting the server

To use the XPairtise plug-in, you have to connect to a server. If you aren't running a server yet, you have to start one first.

The XPairtise server is not bundled with the plug-in but is available as a separate ZIP-archive. Make sure to download the version that matches the version of the plug-in you are using.

Extract the contents of the ZIP-archive into a new, empty directory. The server will use this directory to store its working data (user-, and session data base, project data) during operation.

To start the server, change to that directory and run:

java -jar de.fuh.xpairtise_server_X.Y.Z.jar
where X.Y.Z denotes the version number of your downloaded version.

Note that you need at least Java 1.5.0 (aka. Java5) to run the server. If you are planning to use multiple sessions with multiple users or share large projects, it is recommended to increase the maximum memory the server can use. To do so, increase the maximum heap size the JVM can use by adding the -Xmx switch. E.g. to allow for a maximum of 256MB use:

java -jar -Xmx256m de.fuh.xpairtise_server_X.Y.Z.jar

Alternatively, you can use one of the provided startup-scripts to start the server. If you are running UNIX/Linux, run:

If your are running Windows, run:
By default, these scripts will start the server with a maximum heap size of 256MB. Modify the scripts accordingly if you wish for a different size.

The server uses TCP port 61616. If you are running the server behind a firewall and wish to allow for external connections, make sure to allow for incoming connections on that port.