XPairtise - A Distributed Pair Programming Plug-in For Eclipse


The Eclipse plug-in XPairtise provides a platform for distributed pair programming. The plug-in offers shared editing, project synchronization, shared program and test execution, user management, built-in chat communication and a shared whiteboard.

Pair programming is a key practice in eXtreme Programming (XP) whereby two programmers share the same terminal and program together. Distributed pair programming is the practice of pair programming where the two programmers comprising the pair are in different locations.

Scope of this guide

This guide gives a short introduction to the usage of the XPairtise plug-in, version 1.1.0. Depending on your platform, the actual appearance of the views on your machine might differ from the ones shown in this guide. The screenshots in this guide were taken either on Windows XP or on Linux (GTK2).


XPairtise is available in binary and source form from http://sourceforge.net/projects/xpairtise/.


The client packages have to be installed in your Eclipse "plugins" directory. If your Eclipse is installed in the directory C:\Eclipse, then the client packages should be copied into the directory C:\Eclipse\plugins. Restart Eclipse. The plug-ins should be available now. (Sometimes, it is necessary to start Eclipse once with the "-clean" option, which makes Eclipse update its plug-in configuration.)

Verify your installation by selecting Window->Open Perspective->Other. The XPairtise perspective should be an available entry in the listed choice of perspectives.

Getting Started

  1. Starting the XPairtise server
  2. Switching to the XPairtise perspective
  3. Setting up an account
  4. Logging in
  5. Importing or creating a project
  6. Creating a new session
  7. Joining a session
  8. Inviting users
  9. Switching roles
  10. Adding or removing projects
  11. Communication via the session chat
  12. A whiteboard for sharing ideas visually
  13. A common chat view
  14. Synchronized editors
  15. Synchronization of project data
  16. Joining the session as a spectator
  17. Commit comment templates
  18. Leaving a session


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